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If a person is lucky to have friendly and helpful neighbours, they will keep a watch on the house, when the home owner is away. On the other hand, if the neighbours are hostile, they will conveniently ignore any criminal activities like robbery or burglary in the house. In some cases, the neighbours and their associates may be openly involved in the burglary to force the home owner to sell the home cheaply

The single woman has reason to believe that one or more neighbours were involved in the multiple burglaries of the house. For example when a relative visited the house, the neighbour n immediately got a phone call since voices were heard . During the multiple burglaries of the house, when she asked people in the area about it, everyone claimed that they had not heard anything. The burglars had caused great damage to the house, breaking the plumbing, cutting open the door, yet everyone in the area, claimed that they had not heard anything.

After one burglary, the front door was left open and the single woman, noticed that one neigbour was closely watching her, as she opened the door. It appears that the neighbour may have planned the burglary.Also the house was ransacked to remove all the cash, every Rs 10 in October 2018 notes were robbed from the house. Later while checking online, she found that a neighbour had placed a large number of Flipkart orders, probably COD in December 2018 to January, after which the orders stopped. So probably the house was ransacked by the well connected neighbor or her associates, who then used the stolen cash for placing flipkart orders.

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